What it costs

What it costs

Scouting is an affordable way of providing a range of exciting and adventurous activities for your child.

In a 2010 survey, 75% of parents said Scouting provided the best value for money compared to other extra-curricular activities like sports and martial arts groups, youth clubs and drama or music classes.

The cost of sending your child to Scouting will vary depending on their section within the Group:

Scout Sections Joining Fee

(one off expense)





Beavers 185 QAR 150 QAR 300 QAR
Cubs 185 QAR 225 QAR 300 QAR
Scouts 185 QAR 225 QAR 350 QAR
Explorers 185 QAR 225 QAR 350 QAR

(QAR – Qatari Ryalls)

Welcome Pack includes: uniform, badge book, necker / scarf etc.

Fees may be collected weekly, monthly, each term or annually depending on local arrangements.

This fee covers the cost of the hire or upkeep of the meeting place, programme costs and badges. Trips, camps and activities are usually charged separately.


Young people wear core uniform of a coloured sweatshirt or shirt depending on the age range. They will also wear a special group scarf.

Uniform can either be bought from Scout Shops Ltd or through our Group Uniform Secretary. You can ask the adult volunteers in your child’s Section for more information on where to buy.

We don’t want young people to miss out through financial hardship. If concerns about finances may prevent your child taking part in Scouting or some activities, speak to your local leader, as some assistance may be available in confidence.

Where do the badges go?

You can find diagrams of the positions of badges for each section via the following links:

Beaver | Cub Scout | Explorer |