Adult Helpers

Become a Leader

Volunteering for Scouting gives you the chance to try different activities, visit new places and learn and share skills.

You can decide how much or little time you wish to give and how you spend that time. It could be an evening a week or one weekend a year.

You Can Make A Difference

In doing so, you will be making a positive difference to the lives of young people. From archery to canoeing, camping to drama, young people get the opportunity to try new things, explore their talents, develop their values and beliefs and make the most out of life.

Develop New Skills

There are plenty of opportunities, including

  • working directly with young people
  • supporting or managing other volunteers
  • providing specialist support, such as in fundraising, training or media relations
  • managing events
  • looking after the administrative side of Scouting, such as a secretary or treasurer.

No matter what you are interested in or what skills you wish to develop, there is a role for you.

Why Volunteer?

  • you’ll have fun and feel rewarded
  • you’ll learn new skills
  • you’ll make new friends
  • you’ll make a difference and give something back to your community.