“Beaver Camp was the best day of my life!”

For many of our Beavers, this was their first night away from home; but with sleeping bags packed, goodbyes said to Mum & Dad, they excitedly explored the camp grounds at RGS Doha.

First things first; time to swap our usual Beaver uniform for the Camp Knots t-shirt & necker!

“Camp Knots”….. what else but time to learn how to tie knots; first our neckers and then our knot boards.

We played games, built forts, enjoyed healthy snacks, (and treats!) made secret messages, toasted marshmallows and sang around the campfire.

Friendships and memories made, the colony settled down in their sleeping bags for the night.

As morning came, Camp Knots came alive with the excited chatter of the 1st Doha Beavers; time to pack away our kit!

One last play and Colony get together before we bid farewell to  Camp Knots, already looking forward to the next one!







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